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WiDS Pune 2020 – 29th Feb at COEP Pune

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WiDS Pune, the most happening & active community in Pune,  genuinely and selflessly  working from last 20 months mentors people to skill, re-skill & up-skill in the upcoming technologies, concluded a galla conference at COEP Pune on 29th Feb. Its objective is to motivate, inspire & educate everyone in the field of Data Science, support women in the field, improve the gender diversity in technology roles in corporate, create future women leaders & speakers & give a platform for data science enthusiasts to work on real projects and gain experience while working on WiDS Pune Conference activities. The conference was attended by almost 1000+ people including speakers from all over India, sponsors, exhibitors, audience from diverse groups in Pune such as corporate, industry associations, entrepreneurs, academicians and students. Sticking to its values and vision, conference demonstrated real time use of technology by setting up working demonstrations of Artificial Intelligence based solutions which audience could not only view but experience it on themselves. It included, AI based Breast cancer screening solution,  which is safer, more private, touch-less and non invasive as compared to  the traditional mammography tests. The tests are done using thermal camera and provides instant  Machine learning based diagnosis to the women. Hundreds of audience got their Naadi Tarangini evaluations done, an IOT based Naadi Pariksha solution, Machine learning based tongue analysis to predict digestion health. The audience truly appreciated the real value of the technology and the opportunity the conference provided. It captured real time sentiment analysis of the audience using facial expressions, real time transcript of the speaker’s sessions using conversational AI. WiDS Pune Conference app, was another highlight of the conference, with QR code based real-time tracking of all audience activities such as Q&A, feedbacks. Real time polls &  surveys was very much liked by the audience and the volunteers loved the experience of the control room setup to execute the conference, and truly experienced the WiDS Pune’s, value, -the “JOY of DOING”! The conference discussed important subjects such as oncology and interesting applications  common to all sectors and domains.There were booths setup to explain the blockchain concepts using games and skill assessment tests for the audience to know their skill levels. This is not for profit initiative, given free of cost and the organizer’s work on this on pro bono basis. The funds are raised from the corporate to defray the expenses of the conference , who truly believe & support the cause, , said Ms. Sucheta Dhere, the WiDS Pune Ambassador. The venue was decorated with excellent branding promoting the values of the community & provided career guidance to the audience on the  need of the hour in the ever changing $kill economy. While organizers sought real time feedback from the audience, they also, gave feedback to the audience about their participation & engagement using a data visualization technique called Chernoff faces, thus demonstrating another Data science concept using real time conference data.

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