Arjun Kanungo: 2020 was the best year of my life and 2021 will be better!

For singer-composer-lyricist Arjun Kanungo, it was “one of the best years”

While the coronavirus engulfed the world and the pandemic changed each of our lives in multiple ways in 2020, there are many who are thankful for the year that was. 2020 has left an indelible mark on our psyches, our thought processes, and almost all aspects of our lives. For singer-composer-lyricist Arjun Kanungo, it was “one of the best years” of his life for many reasons including his fairy-tale proposal and engagement to model-actress Carla Dennis.

Arjun tells us, “When 2020 began, I had felt like this was THE year. On January 1, 2020, I woke up at 6 am. Unlike all previous years, I didn’t wake up late nor did I postpone my goals till the 2nd of Jan. I wanted to make this year different and it was! I was making my debut as an actor in my first Bollywood film, ‘Radhe’ with Salman Khan, had six back-to-back singles lined up, and live concerts were coming in left, right and centre. And then, there was the news of COVID-19.”


Arjun was a concert in Assam when he first heard about the lockdown. “I remember I was at a concert venue when we heard about everything shutting down. I told my audience, a medical college in Guwahati ironically, that I felt that this was serious and this might be my last performance for a while. I flew back and my girlfriend and I went straight to the supermarket and bought food for the entire month. People were talking about stocking food, masks and sanitiser. About 15 concerts got cancelled overnight. I was going to perform at the Indian sports honours in a few days: cancelled. Radhe’s theatrical release, scheduled for Eid,2020: postponed indefinitely. All shoots: cancelled. It felt like the end of the world.”