Supreme Court: Farmer’s can protest but can’t block the roads 

The Protest can be done without blocking roads and violence's.

New Delhi:

         The farmers’ protest at Delhi border which is on its 23rd day  must continue and the national capital cannot be blocked, the Supreme Court said today while hearing a series of petitions on the issue. Chief Justice of India SA Bobde, who said yesterday that the matter must be handed over to a committee, said the panel must have “independent members with knowledge of agriculture and hear both sides and give a report on what is to be done”. Meanwhile, the  Chief justice of India  said  that “protests can continue without violence and the police will not do anything to stop them.


The court said that protesters cannot block the city’s roads or damage life or property. When the Centre, declaring that the farmers just cannot demand a repeal of the laws, insisted on a meeting where discussions can be held on each clause, the court said, “We observed yesterday that the Centre is not successful in talks. We do not think that the farmers will accept your conclusions. Let the committee decide”. Former Union Minister P Chidambaram, who was representing the Delhi government, said that If you are making so many amendments, the original law is undetectable. The farmers say this law is not acceptable. So bring a new law and let parliament discuss”.