Delhi Chief Minister  announces the Assembly of elections in 2022

To bring clean politics in the state


Arvind Kejriwal  Tuesday announced that the  Aam Aadmi Party  will contest the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections in 2022. He promised to bring clean politics in the state which has 403 Assembly seats. “Some people will ask what we will bring to UP. We will bring clean politics. That is what numerous parties could not give to the state,” said Kejriwal.  On Twitter, He said the development of Uttar Pradesh has been held back by dirty politics and corrupt leaders there.

     “Political parties in UP stabbed people in the back; politics in state lacks honesty of intent. ” He also  added,“People will ask why we are contesting in a state with so many political parties. Many parties has governed Uttar Pradesh but they have only filled their coffers,” The  AAP convenor said, He said people in Uttar Pradesh are now asking why they don’t have access to mohalla clinics and free power like people in Delhi do.  He further said, “Why does a person living in Kanpur have to come to Delhi for college, why does someone have to bring their elderly parents to Delhi for treatment from Gorakhpur,”