Third straight day in new cases below 30,000

Total number of corona virus cases in the country has crossed million.

India’s covid 19 cases, numbers:

The Detection of new cases of covid 19  infections remained within 30,000. Not since the middle of July, India’s daily tally was still to touch 30,000, has  happened. Incidentally, the total number of infections in the country at that time were yet to cross  million. Now, that the  number is  to reach ten million in a couple of days. It will continue by the end of this month, not more than 20,000 cases are likely to get detected every day. This is what our prediction said. The numbers being predicted by the model right now are in close aligned  with what is being reported daily. Going further, the model shows that the daily detection of new cases should come down to about 20,000 by this month,” said Manindra Agarwal, a professor at IIT Kanpur, who was the  part of a government-appointed team that developed a mathematical model to map the trajectory of the disease in India.


But over the last few months, the predictions of this model have been in remarkable agreement with the ground realities, even during the festival season, or the elections in Bihar, when we would intuitively expect the infections to spread very fast. Agarwal said, This gives us the confidence to believe in the trajectory being predicted by the model for the end of this month as well.

At the time of announcing the results of the model in October, the committee had said that the disease was likely to run its course in India by the end of February next year.